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    How do I cancel the Android Alarm?

    This Android operating system that runs on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, is easy to set up alarms for your device. You can deactivate your Alarm when it is set to go off to end the Alarm’s occurrence or disable the Alarm. It does not need to stop the Alarm from sounding.

    The cancellation of an alarm in-session can be made through the screen that displays as the Alarm goes off. Turning an alarm off needs to be accomplished by adjusting the settings of the app.

    Android 2.2 Froyo: Dismiss Alarm

    cancel alarm


    Take out your Android device as soon as the Alarm begins to sound. Then, you’ll be able to see the Dismiss option, and if it’s activated, it will sleep.


    Tap “Dismiss” to cancel the Android Alarm. Alternately, press “Snooze” to set the Alarm to sound again once the snooze time that you have selected is reached.


    You can pick the Alarm again after it has risen when you’ve selected”Snooze.” Then ..’ ‘ll present you with the dismiss and Snooze options once again. If you choose to keep choosing Snooze, the device will keep ringing until you turn it off. Android alarm.


    Android 2.2 Froyo: Turn Alarm Off


    Select “Apps” to open a listing of apps on the Android device.


    Select “Alarm & Timer.” This Alarm & Timer screen appears on your device.


    Click on the “Alarm” tab at the top of the Alarm & Timer section. Alarms you have set up in your Android device are displayed on the lower part of the screen, with checkboxes on their left.


    …should tap the check box on the right side of the Alarm that you wish to shut off until a checkmark appears to turn that particular Alarm off.

    Cancel or delete Alarm

    1. Start your smartphone’s Clock application.
    2. On the bottom of the screen, tap Alarm.
    3. When you hear the Alarm you wish to activate you to wake up, tap the Down Arrow.cancel alarm
      • Cancel: To stop an alarm set to be activated within the next two hours, press dismiss.
      • Remove: To permanently erase the Alarm, press Delete.

    Set alarm time

    • Start your smartphone’s Clock application.
    • In the lower part, you can tap the Alarm.
    • Choose an alarm.
    • To set the Alarm, press Add .
    • For a reset alarm, tap the current time.

    Create an alarm.

    • For the analog clock, move the hands to the time you’d like to be. After that, slide the hand back to the desired number of minutes.
    • In the clock’s digital display, enter the hour and minutes that you need.
    • The 12-hour format is. You can choose AM or PM by tapping the screen.
    • Tap OK.

    Change the Alarm’s sound or tune

    Change alarm sound or song

    cancel alarm

    1. Launch your mobile’s Clock application.
    2. In the lower part, Tap the alarm button.
    3. When you hear the Alarm you wish to activate you to wake up, tap the Down Arrow.
    4. Tap the name of the sound currently playing.
    5. Choose a sound:
      • Select one sound from the selection: Tap it.
      • Utilize your audio file: If you’ve downloaded a sound file onto your phone, click to add a new sound file. Find out where you can find your files.

    How to set the Alarm on an Android Amazing

    The most popular feature in the Droid Incredible is the alarm clock. By setting the Alarm, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re not running late for appointments throughout your day. The Alarm’s settings are adjustable and let you set more than one Alarm that is ideal for adding time reminders to your company. You can also set the Alarm to sound every day.


    cancel alarm

    • Hit the Home button of the Droid Incredible. Next, click to open the “Clock” widget, then tap the “Alarms” tab.
    • Make sure to check the box next to the Alarm you’d like to set. Then, press the Alarm to change the settings.
    • Move the time scroll wheel either way to choose the alarm time.
    • Write a brief description of your Alarm into the “Description” field “Description” field.
    • Press “Repeat” if you want to program the Alarm to ring according to the time specified on certain days. Make sure to check each day that the Alarm must sound and then press “OK.”
    • Press “Done” to save your alarm settings. Then, hit “Home” to return to the screen that displays your home.


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