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    Dodging to prevent being struck by anything by quickly moving to one side

    He evaded staying clear of the speeding bike.

     to stay clear of to avoid something unpleasant:

    The Senator shied away from questions regarding the Senator’s connection to actress starlet.

    SMART Vocabulary: terms and phrases

    The definitions and terms of dodging

    1. :suitable for the achievement of a specific goal in a particular situation
    2. characterized by concern about the best option, mainly: guided by self-interest

    Words that are related to Avoiding

    • bypassing,
    • circumvention,
    • runaround,
    • sidestepping,
    • skirting
    • averting,
    • deflection,
    • obviation,
    • precluding,
    • prevention



    out Dodge,

    verb (used with object), out*dodged, out*dog*ing.un*dodged, adjective


    intentionally avoiding, preventing from, or preventing the occurrence from occurring


    in the absence of doing something unpleasant (as through deceit or trickery) that you are expected to perform

    synonyms: escapeevasion



    A statement that avoids the issue through the use of cleverness or tricks

    synonyms: Dodge, scheme



    to try to prevent or avoid (a blow or discovery, etc.) such as by moving quickly

    to avoid (questions to avoid (questions, etc.) with cleverness or sleight of hand

    (intr) bell-ringing to cause a bell to move to a different location from its neighbor by sounding successively


    • A scheme or expedient plan devised to fool
    • a sudden evasive or hiding movement
    • an ingenious scheme


    • He drives the 2019 Dodge Ram “super-stretch turbo diesel” limousine -it is “the longest limo in Dallas,” the man claims.
    • An opening that permits the removal of masks when drinking or eating is a popular escape.
    • He was a salesperson for a Dodge and a Chrysler dealership before the heart and diabetes issues took hold this year.
    • In a recent instance, a suburban Atlanta sheriff splurged $70,000 worth of forfeiture funds to purchase the muscle vehicle that was the Dodge Charger Hellcat that he used only to commute for work.
    • My wife and I bought in 2006 our Dodge T1N Sprinter that had 64,000 miles in the year 2017 and named it Jean-Claude.
    • It’s either that Uber continues to avoid its critics, or its customers will discover that its reputation is not palatable.
    • By pressing the button to dodge the button at the appropriate moment causes her to explode into an unstoppable flock of Crows.
    • A few days after Dodge created this connection, Around the World in 80 Days was screened at the nearby theater in Paris.
    • Dodge had been studying playing the flute while in Paris However, he opted to purchase the bike regardless.
    • “Then someone gave me a book that had just come out called A Hundred Years of Bicycle Posters,” Dodge declares.
    • In the treble, the second and fourth initial change is a dodge in the back. The second time the treble is leading, there’s the double Bob.
    • Naturally, he did not go to the time to avoid his grandfather Mole after their conversation about their discussion.

    Refraining from actions

    • abrogate
    • “abrogation”
    • avoid
    • “Avoid sth as thatexpression”
    • avoidance
    • “eschew”
    • evader
    • “Evasion”
    • fiddle
    • “play around”
    • do not shy away fromthe idiom
    • “insure”
    • short circuit
    • “shrink from the”
    • stay clear of things like this
    • “sit down on your arseexpression”
    • skipping out Sb/sth
    • “steer”
    • welch
    • “Welsh”

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