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    Doublelist: This well-known arranged ads website is likely to be just as inspiring and inspirational as Craiglist before changing its approach. This site might be even better because it has 40,000,000 active users who all want to connect.

    The site boasts over 3 million clients, who post more than 100,000 times per day. This is far superior. The site is still in development if you trust it.

    Positively, the site has a much higher proportion of men than women (65%-35% ratio of males to females). The classifieds are overwhelmingly populated by men from the US and other countries.

    This is an app, not a website, which is strange in this mobile age. While creating an account, you will need to verify your phone number. This is pretty easy.

    This site is highly susceptible to fraud. Several members may try to profit from unsuspecting marks. Be careful.

    It is entirely free to use, which is fantastic. You have approximately 60% of the ability to truly connect with someone, which isn’t bad at all.

    This site attracts so many people because they fondly remember the days of Craigslist Personals and how it was so easy to attach.

    Craigslist’s personals section was shut down in 2018 due to s_ex trading, which is a clear case. Doublelist rocketed to fame shortly after. This is a place for all se_xual interests like straight, gay, and bi.

    Doublelist members receive your email address if you message them.
    Doublelist does not allow you to create a profile. This means that you will need to ensure your message includes all the information you want to share with other people. You must attach a photo of yourself to your message if you wish them to view it.

    ..will deliver your messages to their inbox, and they’ll get your email address. It could be a good thing. This means they are likely to see your message even if they haven’t logged in to Doublelist for months.

    Doublelist members should access your email address, so make sure it’s a happy one.

    Is Affordable?

    To answer this question, we should ask one more question. Is it reasonable to be free? It is! It is a massive advantage to those looking to find a partner without spending a lot of money.

    What are you able to do on this site?

    •   Promotions that are post-arranged
    •   To see more, connect photos of different people
    •   Answer the ads
    •   At the extreme, post two posts and four photos each day
    •    Chat groups are available
    •   Chat groups – Comment
    •  Communicate with other members
    •  View webcams
    • You can play both hot and cold games
    • Other entertainment activities

    What is the Quality of DoubleList Membership?

    Doublelist makes it appear that the site has a lot of active users. However, if you consider the United States, there isn’t much. The US users aren’t particularly active in any case. This is terrible news for anyone looking for a quick, easy, casual hookup.


    You must be at least 18 years of age to join the stage. If not, you don’t qualify. In any event, there isn’t a lot of 18-year olds on this site. The average user is in their 40s or 30s. The site is accessible to anyone of any age.

    Sign up

    For new users, the registration process is straightforward to comprehend. You will need to verify who you are by calling a phone number. They won’t accept email addresses or fake social media profiles. This is something to be thankful for, despite possibly not being very pleasant.

    It is even more important to verify that the phone number you use is yours. To move beyond the verification process, you can’t use a paid number ahead of time or insecure. It won’t work. We fell flat. It’s okay not to bother.

    Creating a Profile

    It is essential to be cautious when uploading profile photos on this site. Profile pictures must be clean and well-taken. Avoid using nude photos and avoid anything that could be considered offensive. When creating your profile, you can expect them to dismiss your photos, so be aware of this.



    Each member is limited in the number of posts they can make and how often they can transfer photos to their account.

    According to the principles, a member may make up to two posts per day. You can also transfer and share four images within those two posts. I’m not sure why they have restricted this, but that’s the current place.

    Search the Site

    It is easy to browse the site. There are 11 categories available, including straight, gay, lesbian, and couples. They don’t have any category for transgender people. This is a strange oversight in a world where ..should include everyone. This is why Doublelist has removed two or three of the main focuses.


    You can send and receive messages through Doublelist. However, this is only possible through classified ads. Connect with one of them, and you’ll see what happens. Is it possible to know for sure?



    Most likely not. No mobile application. However, you can view it on your phone’s program if you wish.

    Privacy and Security

    This stage is very secure as phone verification is required for registration. There aren’t many fake accounts on this site. However, scammers and weirdo profiles can occasionally slip through, so be vigilant.

    People will sometimes try to create multiple accounts. This can be not easy, and they are often found out. Doublelist will ban them for life if that happens.

    Opportunities to Hook Up

    Is it correct that the site has 40,000,000 users around the globe? Your chances of meeting people will increase with this many users. It’s not as simple as it used to be when Craigslist Personals existed.

    Expect to be blown away. It is entirely free. It is worth making an effort to see what happens. If it takes a little longer than expected, don’t be discouraged. You are connecting.

    Doublelist’s Matching Algorithm… or Lack thereof
    Doublelist does not use coordinating in any way, unlike many paid sites. Please look at their website index and channel to see specific ads. They won’t work with anyone searching for similar items.


    3 Best Alternatives to Doublelist

    It’s a great alternative to Craigslist Personals, but better alternatives are. This theme has been explored initially, not to settle that these three stages have a comparable vibe and achievement rate as Craigslist Personals. These stages are far more likely to result in an attachment.

    Adult Friends Finder

    This app is very well-known, has a lot of members, and they are into many different kinds of exciting things. While they can choose from several paid options, their free choice is much better. Learn more about my Adult Friend Finder membership findings.


    We feel that Pure is the best app for connecting. It is a new stage with a strong membership that keeps growing. Members know what they want, what they are looking for, and how to get it.

    This application uses an intelligent matching algorithm to find its members, shockingly good. .. can use the calculation to find potential hookup partners in your neighborhood.

    If you have been chatting with people for at least 60 minutes, then the next stage is to meet them in person. You may decide to move on if you don’t feel the energy is right for you. This application is free of worries, so there are no concerns.


    Is Doublelist secure?

    Doublelist’s safety is not known. It’s also free to use. It doesn’t appear to have a strict verification process so that anyone can create an Account.


    This site is also a great alternative to Doublelist. It has been around for nearly 25 years, and many members wish to join. This site is excellent for sharing live streams and unusual topics.

    Users are available to attach with other members quickly. They need to be able to attach within an hour. They should avoid abnormal polls or other poo that takes too long. It is quick and easy to join, allowing you to communicate with people close by your home.

    Bottom Line for Doublelist

    Doublelist looks like a great alternative to Craigslist Personals. The stage is completely free, and you can find hookups in your local area online. You can post multiple times per day and also upload your photos.

    It’s possible to connect with other site members, as there are 40 million users worldwide. Surprisingly, many of them don’t want to be together in real life. It’s challenging to connect with anyone on this site. Although they make it seem like they want to attach, they want to chat.

    You can also take mixed surveys on the site. A few commentators enjoyed significant interactions on the site, and they were able to connect with others multiple times. Many other members complained that they could not attach to anyone. The unfortunate part is that the

    The whiners were more numerous than the lucky few who managed to connect.

    It won’t hurt to visit this site for half a year to see what happens. It’s possible to find a way to relax and have a great experience. You might be able to attach one of the three destinations we mentioned previously. It is up to you, and your decision.

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