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    facebook video downloader

     Facebook video Downloader from savefrom net

    Facebook video Downloader To download the Facebook video as MP4 without leaving the website, You must download “SaveFrom.Net Helper!”. It’s a browser extension that allows you to save videos you like without leaving the site.

    ·         1:Copy and paste the video link

    • On Facebook, Copy the URL of the video you would like to download. Paste the URL into savefrom net

    ·         2:Select output quality

    • Choose the quality of the video you would like to download.

    ·         3: Download video

    • Then wait for our server to finish processing and downloading your device.

    How do I download videos on Facebook?

    You can download videos from Facebook to your computer when it’s in motion. Make sure that you have the browser extension “SaveFrom.Net Helper!” is enabled.

    If you are watching a movie and want to save it for later, you have to move the mouse to the right, and you will see a green button appear. If you notice it, click the arrow, then sit back. Within two seconds, the extension will begin searching for the available formats and alternatives that you can select.

    The same technique is applicable when strolling along the wall.

    1:Copy the URL of the video

    Copy the URL for the video in your browser’s address bar to your

    clipboard, or right-click the video and select an option from the contextual menu.

    After that, click “Copy the URL.”

    facebook video downloader

    2:Paste the URL in the field of input on SaveFrom.Net

    Return to the tab for browsers, with the

    Facebook video downloader window open. Copy the URL into the input box.

    The Facebook video saving process generally will be completed automatically.

    If not, you press the Search button.

    facebook video downloader

    3:Select the quality you want and click on the download link

    Before you download Facebook videos using our downloader,

    you will choose between the various formats and quality options.

    Click on the drop-down list before clicking the download

    button and select the one you prefer from the options.

    facebook video downloader


    Highest quality

    The Facebook video download tool lets to download full HD and 4K videos that have sound. Unfortunately, the majority of current instruments do not allow HD videos.


    Facebook video downloader works on all devices (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) and operating systems (Android, IOS). It doesn’t require installing any additional software.

    How do I use Video Downloader Chrome Extension?
    • Then, you must add the Getfvid Video downloader extension to your browser.
    • After that, you’ll be able to navigate to the page that has the video file you’re looking for.
    • You’ll find a red “Download” (HD or SD) button when you reach the page. It is necessary to click it. Then you’ll be taken back to the page for downloading, where you’ll be able to save the video.
    How can I use a downloader to share your content?
    • Copy the URL of a FB video to copy it.
    • Copy and paste the URL in the above field.
    • Click the “Download” button to Save your FB video.
    How do I download private videos?

    If you want to download private videos, you can do that with a personal video downloader such as In most cases, only those capable of seeing the video’s code can download the video. This tool permits you to record the video but allows the video to remain private. Of course, you must be sure to respect the copyrights for the videos you download.

     Where do videos get saved after downloading?

    When you download files, they’re typically saved in the folder you’ve set for your primary. The browser typically assigns this folder to you. Within your browser’s settings, you can alter and select the folder manually to store your downloaded videos.

    Do I have the ability to download a Live video?

    After the streaming has been completed, it is easy to copy live FB videos onto your device with the Getfvid Downloader Chrome extension.


    Have you ever wanted to download your most loved Facebook videos to be able to play them offline at any time?

    If so, start ticking it off your list of priorities.

    The Fb Video Downloader performs a great job, not only in helping you download unlimitable amounts of Facebook videos but in ensuring that the whole procedure is painless and straightforward.

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