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    The Meaning of FWIW

    FWIW is a reference to “for what it’s worth” This means that an item of information might or may not be valuable to someone else.

    What’s important is that the user of FWIW believes it’s more likely that the information will prove valuable. This is similar to saying “This may or may not matter,” or “If it helps,” about potentially beneficial or beneficial information.

    Although FWIW isn’t the most well-known word on the web, It is often found in Twitter messages, posts, and chat rooms. What exactly is FWIW mean, how did it originate from,

     how can you apply it? To What’s It Worth

    FWIW is “for what it’s worth.” It’s a phrase that doesn’t have any literal meaning. Instead, it’s used to suggest that one should think about the implications of an idea, opinion, or fact (usually because their view is not true).


    If you want to help, think of FWIW as, “You can ignore what I’m going to say, but I think you should hear it anyway.” This phrase isn’t going to alter the meaning of your statement. It just adds an air of respect to the words you’re using.

    Instead of telling someone, “You have no idea what you’re talking about, 4K TVs have four times the pixel resolution of HD TVs,” you can tell them, “FWIW, 4K TVs have four times the pixel resolution of HD TVs.”

    It is interesting to note that ..can use fwiwto add an empathetic, snarky, and even empathetic tone into your speech. The tone is usually derived from context. However, in general, it is the case that any user that includes “FWIW” that can be substituted by “FYI” has a snarky tone. (“FWIW, toothpaste kills bad breath germs.”)

    Similar internet slang words

    Some similar words that ..could employ in this context can be used here are ” IMO,” in my opinion, “IMO,” in my opinion, and ” IMHO,” in my opinion.” But, again,..can use them as the phrase implies that the person making the statement knows that they have their own opinion, which could be right or wrong.

    People use this expression to soften what they’re about to share. It’s almost like a warning signal to let people know not to take the information too seriously.


    FWIW Has been around for a Long Time

    An idiom that means “for what it’s worth” has been used since the 1800s at a minimum. The expression has its roots in economics and was originally employed to convey the value in words of either goods or individuals. A farmer from the 1600s could pledge that he’ll buy horses “for what it’s worth,” while a tax official could attempt in vain to “rob you for all you’re worth.”

    There was a time in which this meaning for economics overlapped with the modern meaning. This is evident in tales such as The Merchant Service (1844) in which one character says to another, “Your opinion goes for what it’s worth–nothing.” (The characters in this story are traders, and the play’s author uses “for what it’s worth” as a pun.)

    How do You Use FWIW?

    Another thing to note is that FWIW is typically utilized at the start of an expression. It indicates that you’re going to respectfully disagree (or accept) with someone else’s view by giving your perspective or fact.

    If your friend claims that Steven Spielberg’s films are not his favorite, You could be able to say, “FWIW, I loved ET,” or “FWIW, his movies are really popular.” You’re not arguing with your friend or saying that he’s incorrect, but you’re making your point in the air.


    He may be in agreement with you because you’re polite. Naturally, FWIW can be stiff right at the start of the sentence. If you’d like some fun, then you can use the phrase “I haven’t seen many of his movies, but FWIW, I loved ET.”

    As we’ve mentioned previously, FWIW can carry a dismissive, sympathetic or dismissive tone. It’s usually dependent on the context, which you’ll have to try out by yourself. If you’re looking for an easy way to get around this, you can apply FWIW in the same spot that you would utilize “FYI.”

    FWIW is a good word to use in the beginning or at the end of an entire sentence.

    The acronym is commonly used to convey practicality, optimism, and respect for someone else’s thoughts. In these instances, FWIW conveys the message the person is simply trying their best to assist.

    It could also send the message that people should use the current effectiveness or value of something instead of stressing or complaining about it not being as valuable or useful as they would like to believe it is.

    Sometimes, it is used in conjunction with some random information that a person already has, which is usually unimportant or biased. But, on the other hand, it can also be self-serving or even self-serving. When the acronym is employed in this manner, it’s an instrument to express humorous humor.

    Examples of Usage


    Examples: 1

    • One of my friends: ” Can’t believe I slept in and was late to work on my first day. How humiliating…”
    •   “Friend #2: ” 4:00 pm, on a Monday I’m still in my PJs, FWIW. “

    In the first example, it is used to make someone else feel better about their situation. The second friend uses it to motivate the first friend to look at things from a different perspective in the hopes of lifting their spirits.

    Examples 2

    • Friends #1: ” My internet was down and now all the electives I wanted to take this semester are full… ! Ugh.”
    • Second Friend: ” FWIW, there are still openings for the psych and astronomy classes. I heard they’re pretty good.”

    The second example illustrates what ..can use fwiw to assist in thinking more pragmatically and confidently. The second friend uses it to inform Friend 1 that there’s likely no way to access the classes they’d like to take. However, there are plenty of good alternatives available.

    Example 3

    Status update on Facebook:

    • ” FWIW, Dinosaurs was the best TV show of all time”

    This last example illustrates how FWIW can be used as a humorous, sarcastic way to promote an item that has nothing to do with it. The Facebook user is using FWIW to share thoughts about the latest TV show, hoping to get comments or likes from people who share the same opinion.

    • Example: 4
    • Texter 1 This party turned out to be a total failure. The DJ didn’t show up!
      Texter 2. 2: Well, I’m sure the food was delicious.
      Texter 2 employs the internet slang term to convince texter 1 to see positive aspects of a negative scenario.


    One social network user, I’m thinking about my next trip to France. Do you have any suggestions?
    The user of social media 2: FWW, I’d recommend avoiding France and heading to Spain. It’s a great way to save money.
    In this scenario, social media user 2 has added “FWIW” because they don’t know whether one of the social media users is interested in sharing the information (since it didn’t address the issue).

      Acronym  Definition


    • The Value of What it’s worth



    • Forgot where I was



    • For Those Who Are Inquiring


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