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    ikr meaning

    IKR Definition: What does IKR stand for?

    IKR stands to:

                                                       “I Know Right.”

    The abbreviation, also known as the slang term ‘like, means ‘I know Right.’ This texting acronym is most commonly used to say, “Tell me about it” in a sarcastic tone. It is easy to say, “I know, right” when you tell someone.
    Since the 1990s, the colloquial phrase “I know, right?” has been expected.

    It is strongly associated with “Valley girl,” but it gained popularity when Mean Girls came out.
    People started using the abbreviation IKR shortly after the film was released.

    This is understandable since the “Valley girl” stereotype became intertwined in texting culture in the mid-2000s. An acronym was created for everything back in 2004 so that a phrase like “I know, right?” could be used.

    What does IKR mean in chatting?

    IKR means the person you are communicating with agrees wholeheartedly with what you have just said. This means they agree with you. IKR doesn’t mean that they agree with your views. Instead, IKR is a sign that another party supports your statements. It is the highest form of validation.

    What is IKR?

    IKR is an abbreviation for ” I’m sure, right?”. To show your agreement with someone’s words, use IKR. Let’s take, for example, the movie Gattaca. Texting with a friend, you say, ” I love the movie Gattaca!” You could reply with. “However, punctuation is not allowed for this abbreviation. Therefore, this acronym is often written as IKR.
    IKR can be used whenever you like. For example, if someone says that dogs stink, you could say, “IKR?” Likewise, you could use “IKR?”

    to mock a friend who tells you how sick of internet slang.
    IKR doesn’t have any strange grammar rules or alternate meanings. As with any initialism, the text is often written without capitalization or punctuation.

    Online conversations and comments might include “ikr,” which can be translated to mean the same thing.
    This phrase can be a little loaded. It doesn’t mean that you agree with someone.

    More examples of IKR use:

    • ” IKR,” Carrie replied when Keith sent an email claiming that their boss was the worst.
    • Laura said to Alex, “I’m responding to Jay with because I completely agree that the show FUTURE MAN has been hilarious.”
    • Maria said, “Ugh ?” when she saw Matt’s message about hateful snow.

    Is IKR a rogue?

    generally means supportive statements. However, some people might consider it rude depending upon the context and the tone. For example, you suggest grabbing an umbrella. Your friend disagrees and says that it is not necessary. As a result, you both get soaked wet when it starts to pour.

    Your friend later sends you a message that reads, ” I suppose I should have brought the umbrella!” You could reply with “, “but it might seem rude. This could be a sign that you agree with your friend, or it could also refer to ” I said so.”

    What do you reply to IKR?

    ikr meaning

    Reply to with either a positive comment or an emoji. Consider a smiley face or thumbs up if you are choosing an emoji.
    These are some possible responses to the IKR text:

    • Absolutely
    • For sure
    • Absolutely
    • Yes
    • Yup
    • Yes
    • Yasssssss

    IKR does not necessarily require a reply. You can change the topic and discuss something else.

    Conversation Examples

    This internet slang term can be used in all possible ways.

    ikr meaning

    Example 1

    Texter 1 Hello girl, how have you been?
    • Texter 2, I think it’s great.
    • Texter 1: You guess?
    • Texter 2 Life is hard.
    • Texter 2 It seems like everything is going my way.
    • Texter 1

    Example 2

    • Chat User 1 She loved her school project.
    • Chat User 2, Lisa, The water one?
    • Chat User 1: Yes! It was awesome.
    • Chat User 2 Yes, I loved it.
    • Chat User 3 IKR? I am so working on a better one next time.

    Example 3

    • Guy, What’s up?
    • Girl – Are you ready to go out tonight?
    • Guy: Too much homework. Sorry
    • Girl, This is how it feels.
    • Guy

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