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    iykyk meaning

    What Does “IYKYK?” Mean and How Can You Use It?

    “If you know, you know”

    IYKYK means for “if you know, you know.” It means that some messages or posts will make sense to certain people while others won’t. The position will often have a callback to an experience that will immediately stand out to people who are “in the know.” ..can write this in either the uppercase IYKYK or the lowercase “icky.”

    IYKYK Meaning:

    IYKYK is commonly added to the caption of photos or videos, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. For example, a person might post a picture of themselves at a party and add the caption, “Last night, it was crazy!” #iykyk” means that something happened at the party that only those present will know.

    This is similar to an “inside laugh,” a humorous anecdote only a few friends can understand. Instead, both of them suggest that they have some inside knowledge that makes it amusing.


    How do you use it?

    You can use IYKYK to make a post on social media with a hint about an experience, event, or shared interest that everyone does not share. Of course, it would help if you didn’t reveal too much, or it will be less fun and intimate between you.

    iykyk meaning

    These are some ways to add IYKYK into your captions.

    • “This Vegas trip was extraordinary. #IYKYK
    • “When the season finale turns into crazier than you anticipated #iykyk
    • “Well, I won’t be going on dating apps again. INKY

    How does IYKYK fit into a sentence?

    You can use the trending phrase IYKYK in many different ways on social media and in text messaging. For example, you can use this in a caption or as a comment. It is also known as a hashtag.

    In the first example, Janel comments on Janel’s Instagram posts. She posted a photo from last night’s party. In the comments section, she talks to Sara.

    • Sara: It looks like you are back at it, crazy #IYKYK
    • Janel: Janel, that’s a great idea! My grandmother is always with me, haha.
    • Sara: LOL! I have a lot of FOMO, so I can do whatever I want.


    What does IYKYK stand for?


    Style Blueprint and Hashtag Dictionary both state that the acronym IYKYK is a social media acronym that stands for “if your knowledge, you know.” Daily Dot says that this phrase or hashtag is often used to indicate an inside joke, secret gem, or unique piece of information that not many people will be able to understand. It’s often used on social media sites such as Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram as a hashtag. This hashtag will be used by TikTokers in the body text of their posts, while Twitter users may attach it to retweets.


    Where IYKYK Comes From

    “IYKYK,” unlike many other internet slang terms, is a new invention. Urban Dictionary first published the phrase and acronym in December 2016, long before the advent of social media. It first appeared in social media posts that year before it became a well-known acronym many years later.

    iykyk meaning

    Pusha T’s 2018 hit song “If You Know You Know” was one of the factors that made the acronym mainstream. In 2020, IYKYK gained even more popularity due to a growing TikTok hashtag. Users could create videos for specific audiences. In early 2020, the term reached its peak on Google Trends.

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