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    NGL Meaning

    What does “NGL” mean, and How Can You Utilize It

    Despite the popularity of NGL among users of Reddit and Twitter, however, it’s not yet been able to gain the favor of various other abbreviations. ngl meaning “Not Gonna Lie” and is still used in many areas of the internet.

    Not Gonna Lie

    NGL can be an abbreviation that means “not gonna lie.” It’s typically utilized at the start of a sentence to signal honesty or vulnerability. Similar to TBH, ..may alter its tone depending upon the situation… You can use it to criticize people, voice your personal opinion, or let out your feelings.

    In the majority of situations, NGL is used to voice your thoughts. For example, you can say, “NGL, I hate hot dogs,” or “NGL, metal straws are too hard to clean.” However, you may also employ NGL as a way to express disrespect, flattery, or insults, the same way you could use the expression “not gonna lie” in the real world.


    How do I use NGL?

    NGL Meaning

    As with the TBH phrase, NGL is a direct abbreviation for a common term used in real life. If you’ve learned to say “I’m not gonna lie” in your daily world, you’re ready to begin using NGL. It doesn’t adhere to any grammatical conventions, and you’re free to start using it based on your own experience in the real world.

    If you want to convince a friend that you don’t like ketchup, then you can say, “Ketchup is nasty, NGL.” Or, if you were trying to make fun of them for loving ketchup, it could be said, “NGL, ketchup is for babies.”


    “Not Gonna Lie”

    Indicating that you are revealing something that could be regarded as unusual

    It could be considered equivalent to saying ‘just say”no offense” because this makes a claim more credible or less offensive.

    Dan Howell’s tired look is super hot, NL

    Conversation Example:

    Here are a few examples of ways ..can use these acronyms:

    NGL Meaning

    Examples 1 using “NGL” (Not Going to”Liar”)

    • Speaker 1.ngl that color doesn’t look nice on you
    • Speaker 2: OMG speaker 2: omg My boyfriend said he liked it
    • Speaker 1.he’s a man I
    • Speaker 2.right lmao

    Example 2. Using “NGL” (Not Going to lie)

    • 1. Speaker 1ngl Mr. Smith looks good in the pants.
    • Speaker 2.eww, he’s older than 40.
    • Speaker 1IDC imo older guys are hot
    • Speaker are an extraordinary
    • speaker 1ik

     Different Meanings

    “NGL” can also stand for natural gas liquids which are typically used in scientific discussions. The types of NGL include petroleum, gasoline butane, and propane, among others. It’s doubtful you’d ever use the acronym this manner unless you’re specifically talking about chemicals, something that we all know that most people don’t use regularly.

    Here is an alternative meaning of the word:

    • Nordic Green Left
    • National Guardian Life
    • There is no Greater Love
    • Natural Gas Liquids
    • Next Generation Leaders
    • National Guardian Life Insurance Company (Madison, WI)
    • Natural Ground Level
    • Next-Generation Lithography
    • National Golf League
    • National Grid for Learning

    Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)

    What are Natural gas liquids?

    Natural gas liquids (NGL) are natural gas constituents separated from gas by way of liquids. The separation is carried out in the field or a gas processing plant by absorption, condensation, or any other method. There are many kinds of natural gas liquids that…can find and various ways to use NGL products.

    Different types of NGLs as well as their applications

    Natural gas liquids can be classified upon the pressure of the vapor

    •   Low = condensate
    • Intermediate = Natural Gas
    • High = liquefied petroleum gas

    In addition, the Chemical compositions for NGLs are comparable. However, their applications differ widely. In particular, the various applications for natural gas liquids are the cooking process, heating of space, and mixing NGLs into fuels for cars.

    ·         Ethane

    ·         Propane

    ·         Butanes

    ·         Isobutanes

    ·         Pentanes

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