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    NUMS Test Entry Guidelines 2022

    NUMS Test Entry Guidelines 2022

    National University of medical sciences administers an entry test for all medical schools associated with NUMS. The NUMS entrance test selects the students who want to study to begin their medical school, including MBBS and BDS, at various universities throughout Pakistan.

    Most students are worried about the difficulty of NUMS. It is difficult to claim that the NUMS entry test is difficult or easy to answer this question. NUMS entry test is easy or simple.

    It is simple to individuals who have faith in work and intelligent work and is challenging for those who believe in luck but not the hard work. Every exam is governed by a standard that specifies a section that is simple to take and a portion that is difficult to pass.


    The easier portion is intended for students of average ability to take, and the difficult one is to determine the top spots. It is recommended that to prepare thoroughly for the NUMS entrance exam because you’ll be taking part in a kind of examination that determines those who will be able to pursue medical studies.

    Students from F. Sc(pre-medical) have concerns about their future when passing NUMS or another medical entrance test to be eligible in MBBS and BDS studies. If you’re one of those seeking a NUMS admission test understanding, it is an excellent place to learn about NUMS and take the first steps to prepare.
    Eligibility Criteria

    The following points will outline all the rules to be followed before registering for the NUMS entrance test.

    • Anyone who has scored 60 percent marks in the intermediate or F. Sc can take the NUMS entrance test.
    • In addition, the student must score 60 percent marks in his graduation.
    • Candidates should be a resident of Pakistan.
    • Local certificate holders from Baluchistan may also apply.
    • O/A students may apply
    • Students studying at O/A levels must present an IBCC certificate that stands as Inter Board Committee of Chairman.
    • Overseas Pakistanis and other people can apply for merit admissions in private or public medical and dental schools.
    All of these requirements must be fulfilled when you are preparing to take the NUMS entrance test. Not meeting these criteria could result in your failure on the test.

    Test Pattern

    The testing design of the National University of Medical Sciences is divided into
    Four categories: Biology, Chemistry Physics, Biology Chemistry four categories: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. These are the areas that can assess the proficiency of a student in his subject and identify the most important areas students should be preparing ahead for. Once you are aware of the essential aspects of the NUMS entrance test, it is recommended to put in the time to do your best on the exam.

    NUMS Test Entry Guidelines 2022


    These areas are the basic concepts. Be aware that choosing MBBS or BDS will require you to know the above subjects well. By preparing them, you will be more prepared for the NUMS entrance exam and prepare for more advanced subjects. We suggest that you don’t leave a single area unanswered in these subjects. However, you must make sure you prepare them in the most effective method.

    The following are four subject areas with test scores that will determine your place in medical schools.
    • Biology (70 marks)
    • Chemical (45 marks)
    • Physical Science (45 marks)
    • English (20 marks)
    The NUMS entry test has 180 points on the NUMS entrance exam, while the maximum time allotted to complete the NUMS exam is three hours. The most appealing aspect of the NUMS entry test is that NUMS entrance test is the fact that it doesn’t have negative markings, so do not leave one question unanswered and attempt every one of them.

    Fee Structure

    There are various fees for both public and private schools. There are two public schools affiliated with NUMS: National University of Medical Sciences, The Army Medical College Rawalpindi, and the Federal (NUMS)Medical and Dental College Islamabad. The majority of colleges that are affiliated with NUMS are private.

    2. Federal Medical and Dental College

    The cost for Federal Medical and Dental College is $30,00 per year. Be aware that this fee does not include any additional costs.

    Private College Fee Structure

    Here’s a list that will provide you with information about private medical schools part of NUMS.

    • CMH, Lahore Medical College, Lahore
    • The Combined Institute of Medical Sciences, Multan
    • CMH Bahawalpur Medical College, Bahawalpur
    • Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences, Quetta
    • Islamabad Medical College, Islamabad
    • Yusra Medical Colleges, Islamabad
    • Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, Malir Cantt
    • Wah Medical College, Wah Cantt
    • CMH Kharian Medical college
    • HITEC of the Institute of Medical Sciences. Taxila

    This list will provide you with a thorough knowledge of the fees arrangement of the private college.

    • Admission Fee = RS. 50,000.
    • Tuition fee=RS, 950,000
    • Fee for Registration = Rs.
    • PMDC Registration Fee = Rs. 10,000
    • Document verification fee=Rs, 3,000
    • Examination Fee = Rs.7.500
    • Medical Costs = Rs. 5,000
    • Sports Charges = Rs.
    • Transport Charges = Rs. 5,000
    • Graduation Fee=Rs. 15,000
    • Continue Critical Thinking = Rs, 25,000
    • Library Charges = Rs.10,000
    • Government Tax=Rs 55.025
    • All (1st Year MBBS) cost = Rs. 1,155.525
    (NUMS)Keep in mind that you’ll have to provide these documents if you seek admission to Private Medical Colleges. These documents are not related to your education, but they concern your guardian, who is expected to provide financial support. The following documents are available.
    • Statement of the wealth of the parent that is equivalent to tuition fees for the entire course.
    • Tax returns for income
    • Certificate of insurance
    These documents guarantee that you do not face financial issues during your studies at a specific medical school.

    Important test dates and registration dates

    It is vital to know about the test dates and registration dates for this National University of Medical Sciences entrance test. However, many students are not aware of the test because they are unable to take it. In this article, we’ll tell you the date of the test and the registration deadlines of the NUMS entry test for 2022.

    NUMS Test Entry Guidelines 2022


    Online registration

    This is the date to register online for the NUMS admission test on August 28, 2022. The test will be over one month after.

    Testing Date

    the day of testing for the NUMS entry test for this year is expected to be on October 11. NUMS entry test for this year is scheduled for October 11 on a Monday.
    Use the dates above for your test to be prepared for the entrance exam. Also, these dates can provide you with an estimated time to complete your financial affairs and your studies when you are at a private institution.

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