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    What does HRU mean?

    HRU stands for “How are you?”. HRU is commonly used to initiate an online chat. Here are some more common ways to ask how one is doing. However, have you ever thought about the meaning of HRU is? This article will give you all of the essential information about the abbreviation HRU, including its definition, use sentences, examples of sentences, and much more!

    HRU means What is it?

    The issue with that particular term is the fact that”are” as well as “are” and “you” aren’t represented in the first letters. The acronym instead makes use of”the internet slang words “R” and “U,” which are the same as their equivalent words “are” and “you.”

    A Look At HRU’s Academic Background

    HRU can be used to play the role of interrogative sentences (i.e., an inquiry); however, it is typically portrayed without an asterisk. Is it possible to write “HRU?” 

    What is HRU?

    Like in face-to contact, Sending HRU in the form of a text email or a message to someone online is a secure and friendly way to say hello to an individual and show your interest in their opinions and what they tell you about themselves. The acronym might or may not have a question mark; however, it always indicates the word “question” regardless of punctuation.


    Who is using HRU?

    Anybody can use HRU. However, we believe we can be confident that it’s mostly teenagers and young adults who use HRU right now. Anyone you’ve got an informal relationship with, for example, a close friend or an older sibling

    Examples of HRU

    Example 1:

    Online user 1: “Hey you.”

    Online user 2: “I’m doing great, thx. Hru? “

    Online user 1: “Not bad, just chilling. “

    The example above is a very casual conversation between two strangers who had just met via the internet. Both use HRU to show their interest in learning more about each other and then continue to chat.

    Examples 2:

    One of my friends: “Sorry I didn’t text all week, been super busy. “

    The second friend: “Np hun, it happens. So hru? “

    One of my friends: “Good, but I need a drink asap!! Do you want to go out? “

    The second one above is the possibility of a conversation between two friends could communicate via text messages. The double friend checks in with Friend #1 using  after not hearing from them for the entire week.

    Another alternative to HRU in the form of a slang term

    One of the most significant drawbacks when using  online and in texts is that fewer people will be able to comprehend the meaning of it due to being one of the lesser-known acronyms. It is likely that even most tech-savvy, smartphone-dependent people will not know what  signifies.

    The solution is to go with HRU’s less apparent option: How R U. This slang phrase is simpler to understand. In addition, nearly everyone connected to technology today knows that R is “are,” and U refers to “you,” so you’re more likely to receive the best response.

    When and when not to Utilize HRU

    Like many other available slang words,  is a pleasant and courteous acronym, but this doesn’t mean one can apply it everywhere and with anybody. Here are some general guidelines.

    Use HRU for:

    • You’re texting or chatting with someone else who is frequently using acronyms. It could be your best friend or your 15-year old niece, or your beloved mom who is obsessed with texting or chatting using acronyms; there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll be able to know (or they’ll be excited and eager to discover) what HRU stands for.

    Don’t use HRU for:

    • You’re in casual conversation with someone who is always using proper grammar and spelling. Even if it’s informal, it’s an excellent idea to show respect to the person you’re talking to by adhering to correct spelling and grammar if this is the way they’re speaking in the conversation.
    • HRU

    What are the synonyms for the word HRU?

    Cyber Defines offers a wide range of ways to start an online conversation by text messaging or other online forums or social media websites. These are all commonly used phrases in internet slang. They are listed below, along with their definitions.